How Applied Engineering Science Can Help You

We turn concepts into products.

Applied Engineering Science, (AES) Inc. is focused on providing electronic product development services to firms wanting to prove a new product concept and/or take that product concept to working prototype stage. By partnering with AES, companies work in parallel to have future concepts proven without the need to burden their current resources or jeopardize current project deadlines.

Creating prototypes for your electronics productsAES can take an invention or product from a concept to a working prototype to preproduction capable implementations.

AES fills the void in your development efforts by providing world class development of working prototypes. This can be in the form of:

  • a physical implementation of an electronics product concept
  • a prototype model based on look and feel
  • a working model of hardware or software
  • a computer simulation model

AES will help you verify a product concept prior to your company designing, tooling and fabricating a finished product. This method of prototyping will save you time and money, expose problems that need to be resolved and corroborate facts determining whether or not to go forward with a project. Additionally, AES can execute a turnkey development program for you from concept to production capable design.

Why Partner with Applied Engineering Science?

You'll find you get solutions more quickly and your time to market will be enhanced. Partnering with AES will minimize the probability of failure with your development and reduce your product development cost and overhead.

AES will navigate the unforeseen land mines that can impede or stop your project. We provide salient information to your team when you are ready to take the project back in house that will provide best practices and time and money saving expertise. We can build a less costly prototype for your project without draining already maxed resources.

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